Futomomo (Fat Leg)

The futomomo has gained popularity as a leg tie over the last couple of years.  The "fat leg" tie is so named because it compresses the skin and makes the flesh bulge out around the rope.  The futomomo is relatively simple and quick to tie and looks impressive when it's completed.



Model: ScarletSerenity


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!


Step 1 - Start with a Sommerville Bowline (link).


Step 2 - Pull the ankle tight to the thigh.  Any slack in this tie will cause it to slip off of the leg and make a big rope mess.


Step 3 - Wrap around the leg several times in a spiral pattern towards the knee, making sure to start as close to the top of the leg as possible.  Depending on the length of rope, you should get three to five wraps.  Pantyhose or stockings will make this step even more challenging as the material is far more slippery than skin.  It can be done but you must be extra careful about maintaing an even, firm tension.


When you get close to the knee, cross the running end over the top leg wrap as shown in the photo.


Step 4 - Pull the running end under the top leg wrap.  From the previous picture, you can see that the standing end is on the bottom side of the leg.


Step 5 - Pull the running end all the way through and run it over the top of the standing end you just ran under the rope.


Step 6 - Take the running end under the top wrap on the other side of the standing end to create a comma knot.


Step 7 - Snug the comma knot and continue to the next wrap on the leg.  Instead of this comma knot, you could just continue down after pulling the rope under the band.  It's faster and just as effective but not as pretty.



Step 8 - Pull the running end under the next band down the leg.


Step 9 - Repeat the comma knot.


Step 10 - When you reach the bottom where the first pair of strands come off of the ankle cuff, run the running end under the bottom rope.  The standard method is to not lock off the bottom rope here.  Sometimes I will lock it off and it works just fine.


Step 11 - Once again, don't lock off the bottom band but it won't hurt if you do and then proceed to make more comma knots.


Step 12 - And more comma knots.


Step 13 - Tie off and dispose of the excess rope by wrapping it around the connecting line up the leg (or any other method of your choosing.


View of the finished tie.


A fun variant of the futomomo is to wrap messily up and down the leg, attach a second rope and continue.  As long as you start locking off from  near the knee the same exact mechanisms apply.  The only difference on the support line going down and back up the leg is to grab multiple bands of rope where they cross rather than trying to capture each individual band.


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