Corset Armbinder

This is a corset laced armbinder based on lark's head wraps. Model: CherriesJubalie


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Make a bight by folding the rope in half at the middle.


Step 2- Make a Lark's Head from the bight.


Step 3 - Slide the Lark's Head up the arm with the bight facing toward the spine.


Step 4 - Bring the working end around the arm.


Step 5 - Feed the working end through the new bight created by step 4.


Step 6 - Reverse directions and repeat.


Step 7 - Repeat the pattern all the way down the arm.


Step 8 - Perform the same operation on the other arm, making sure the bight is pointed towards the spine.


Step 9 - Hopefully, you've paid appropriate attention to the location of each of your bights...


Step 10 - Find the first secondary bight and feed an end of the rope through each arm.


Step 11 - A close-up view of the lacing through the arm tie.


Step 12 - Pull the lacing rope through the matching bights down the entire arm.


Step 13 - Pull the lacing tight to draw the arms together.


Step 14 - Enjoy.

Tutorial Copyright 2009 - Monkey Fetish Studios
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