Head Harness bit Gag

CherriesJubalie and I created this harness in preparation for Shibaricon 2010.

Model: CherriesJubalie


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Start with a bight. Shift the bight by about 18" from center to make the tails even at the end.  You will want to shift so that you have more rope on the side you use to wrap the bit gag.  The longer rope should be the one you start wrapping with in step 3.


Step 2 - Pull the center of the bight down into the middle of the rope making two secondary bights.


Step 3 - Tuck the longer loose running end and tuck it under all of the rope.


Step 4 - Pull the running end around the standing rope to begin forming a bar wrap.


Step 5 - Wrap the running end around the bulk of the standing end leaving the end of the original bight poking out of the wraps.


Step 6 - Continue wrapping until you reach the other end.


Step 7 - Tuck the running end through both of the bights.


Step 8 - Pull on the bight and standing end on the other side to snug the rope up as shown.


Step 9 - Take the loose end near the original bight as your new running rope and feed it through the bight.


Step 10 - Insert the newly created bit gag into the mouth of your bottom.


Step 11 - Tie the two running ends into a square knot (or other suitable knot) above the ears at the back of the head.


Step 12 - Pull the running ends over the top of the head to the bridge of the nose.


Step 13 - Hold the rope over the bridge of the nose and create a half hitch over the standing rope coming from the bit gag.  To create this half hitch, pass the running end under the standing rope, bring it back up and behind he rope coming from the bridge of the nose and back down.


Step 14 - Bring the running end under the chin and create a half hitch on the other side.


Step 15 - Bring the running end through the standing over the bridge of the nose.


Step 16 - Create a bar wrap (or use other decorative tie) to finish the harness off.


Step 17 - Enjoy.


Tutorial Copyright 2010 - Monkey Fetish Studios
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