Gunslinger Harness

The “Gunslinger” harness is one of many common waist harnesses. It has the benefit of allowing access to the area below the waist without having rope in the way.

Model: CherriesJubalie


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Start with a bight in the center of the rope.


Step 2 - Make a lark’s head around the waist with the bight located over the front of one thigh. In this case we are placing it over the left thigh.


Step 3 - Wrap the rope around the waist working towards the feet, passing above the hip bone on the right side and on the hips on the left side. Note: the rope can be lower on the left side than shown here.


Step 4 - Continue wrapping until satisfied with the number of bands. In this example, I am using three wraps total.


Step 5 - Create a non-tightening cuff. My favorite for this situation is a captured half-hitch. Feed a bight of the running end up through the secondary bight created when you first created your lark’s head.


Step 6 - Push the bight down behind all of the ropes, leaving the running end dangling towards the floor.


Step 7 - Tuck the running end through the loose pair of rope strands not touched by the bight from the previous step.


Step 8 - Feed the running end through the bight from step 6.


Step 9 - Pull the running end and work the knot until it is tight and creates a nice, flat knot with the running end facing towards the floor.


Step 10 - Wrap the running end around the leg and pull the running end under he standing end from the waist and reverse directions.


Step 11 - Wrap back around the leg to create a second wrap of ropes.


Step 12 - Feed the running end through the bight created by step 10.


Step 13 - Move the running end behind the standing end from the waist rope.


Step 14 - Pull the running end snug, capturing the standing end in a constrictor knot that will help prevent the ropes from tightening around the thigh.


Step 15 - Tuck the running end under all of the bands on the thigh.


Step 16 - Feed the running end back up under all of the wraps of the waist rope.


Step 17 - Tuck the running end below the rope between the waist and thigh rope.


Step 18 - Bar wrap aroud the rope between the waist and thigh. Using a bar wrap here isolates the connecting ropes and also helps prevent the thigh cuff from tightening.


Step 19 - Tie the bar wrap off with some form of knot like the square knot shown here.


Step 20 - Repeat for the right thigh


Step 21 - Enjoy


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